The Team

Spirit of EQ is a group of dedicated coaches, trainers, and consultants certified by the International Coach Federation and Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network.  We offer individual, leadership, and group EQ coaching, team and organizational development experiences, workshops, and keynote addresses.

Our team members have diverse backgrounds, coming from business ownership and management and the healthcare industry. Involvement in community and social endeavors that value the dignity of each person have augmented their professional experience. It is the synergy of their unique experiences that makes the Spirit of EQ team particularly effective as they work with business groups and individuals.

Lynette Vaive

Co-Founder & Partner

Lynette Vaive is a Certified EQ Facilitator and Master Trainer; she employs effective experiential learning design to make training both powerful and meaningful. As a PCC Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation), Lynette partners with clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Drawing on over 25 years of experience in healthcare technology, Lynette blends hard science, business acumen, and coaching expertise. Framing EQ in data-oriented language and combining process improvement experience with EQ business applications allows Lynette to effect change and develop processes and training that resonate within the business context.

She holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coach Federation as well as both Emotional Intelligence (EQ, Six Seconds) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ21, Deep Change, Inc.) coaching certifications. She has a Master of Business Administration degree from Otterbein University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology from The Ohio State University.  Lynette also completed a Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma from Villanova University, as well as various healthcare certifications and medical software credentials.

Jim Vaive

Co-Founder & Partner

As a successful business owner for over 30 years, Jim Vaive speaks the language of CEOs and uses his personal experience to connect with decision-makers in the business arena. Jim completed extensive training in spiritual direction, along with deep dives into emotional intelligence work. He is trained as an emotional and spiritual intelligence coach, and is a PCC Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation)

Jim founded Spirit of EQ in 2012 to better address the burgeoning needs he saw unfolding around him. After several years of journeying with people as a Spiritual Director, guiding them to a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human, Jim sought more training through Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Certification, SQ21 by Cindy Wigglesworth’s Deep Change, Inc.

As he developed a greater understanding and competency using this assessment tool, he also sought training and certification for several Emotional Intelligence tools through Six Seconds, ultimately accepting the invitation to become a Preferred Partner Organization in 2014.

Eric Pennington

Managing Partner

Eric is the managing partner at Spirit of EQ. He leads the strategy for keeping the mission moving and growing. He is also responsible for all upfront client interaction and onboarding. Eric is a certified practitioner in varied emotional intelligence and neuroscience tools and has over fifteen years of practical entrepreneurship and leadership experience inside of small and large organizations alike.

Eric is also the author of the eye-opening book, The Well-Being Guide: Making the Most of Life and Work. Based on personal experiences and as a follow-up to his 2008 book, Waking Up in Corporate America, the guide is practical and offers readers the opportunity to evaluate their own lives through self-discovery.

Jeff East


Jeff believes that each person has at their center something that is “A work of Art”. This defines his Noble Goal, for himself and the clients he serves. His greatest pleasure is helping people find that art buried deep within. These opportunities come from his expertise in EQ, work in spiritual areas such as local mission and prison work, or virtual and live experiences.

Jeff has seen in himself, and in others, how working on Emotional Intelligence can allow people to look inside themselves and see the hidden art that makes them special. Jeff holds multiple certifications in emotional intelligence and other neuroscience tools. He is a proud volunteer with Kairos Prison Ministries, where he has served on various advisory councils and held weekend leader roles.

Judy Joseph McSween

Strategic Partner

Entrepreneur and Time Out Specialist, Judy Joseph McSween is a proponent for scheduling a pause amid the busyness of individuals, teams and organisations.  She brings her whole self to the facilitation space, lighting the way for participants to engage in highly introspective and experiential activities, that allow for the transitioning their Knowing to Being and Doing.

As she interacts with client systems, Judy draws on her theoretical knowledge and business acumen developed through her more than thirty years of practical experience at executive level with corporate and faith-based organizations.

Judy is a Certified Coach and Facilitator in Emotional Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence (Creating We Institute), Spiritual Intelligence (SEQ, SQ21, Deep Change Inc) and the Frameworks Coaching Process (InnerLinks).  She received her training in organisation behaviour and is a Trainer with the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science USA.  She facilitates Human Formation programs with lay and clergy.

Judy holds a Master of Business Administration degree from City University Business School UK and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Chemistry from City University UK.

Amy Jimison

Strategic Partner

Amy Jimison discovered her passion for learning and development over 20 years ago.   Her areas of expertise are in leadership, coaching and employee skill development.  Amy focuses on creating positive momentum for herself and others to become their authentic selves.

Amy has paired her expertise in learning and development with emotional intelligence to bring new depths to her interactions.  She is also a certified EQ Assessor, EQ Facilitator and SEQ Assessor through Six Seconds, bringing that lens to effective workshop design and facilitation.

Peter Hoover

Strategic Partner

Peter Hoover is a facilitator, coach and consultant specializing in emotional intelligence (certifications: 6 Seconds, HeartMath, and the International Coaching Federation). He is also currently engaged in graduate studies in comparative religion, philosophy and spiritual counseling.

Emotionally, he supports individuals, teams, and organizations in managing overwhelm, stress and change. Spiritually he specializes in self-regulation, integration, and non-duality. His vision is to provide spiritual and emotional intelligence tools that transform individuals and uplift communities worldwide.

Luke Cavanagh

Strategic Partner

Luke Cavanagh is a 20+ year corporate communication professional and consultant specializing in strategic communication, change management, facilitation as a business tool, and introducing EQ concepts and coaching to individuals, teams, and organizations.

From the early days of internet technology to the present day, Luke has been closely connected with organizations navigating change and growth. Years ago, it was helping printed newspapers and magazines understand how to put their content online; then it was many years of growth, change, and evolution in IKEA; then a stop at a thriving healthcare organization trying to go from small to big in an agile manner.

One constant across the whole landscape is that authenticity, honesty, and connection are never bad things to bring to the mix. These factors, driven by trust and emotional safety, underpin strong decision-making, clarity, and good leadership in any organization. And with those ingredients in liberal supply, businesses can climb any mountain or weather any storm, and can make a long-term positive impact on their people.

Heather Hanson

Strategic Partner

Heather Hanson, Fine Artist & Spiritual Director, knows first-hand the transformative power of self-discovery through creative expression. Her mission is to guide women on their journey to reclaim their true selves and align their inner world with the outer, creating a harmonious, fulfilled existence.

Through spiritually expressive artworks, insightful spiritual direction sessions, and creative embodiment practices, she helps you tap into your deep reservoirs of wisdom, creativity, and personal agency. For those seeking a more business-oriented approach, her executive coaching services provide effective strategies and techniques for integrating spirituality into your professional life, enabling a centered, values-driven approach to work.

With 20 years of marketing experience, and a wealth of knowledge in various spiritual and creative disciplines, Heather Hanson merges the worlds of art, spirituality, and business, providing a unique, holistic approach to personal and professional development. Whether you’re in a life transition, seeking to raise your vibrations, or desiring a more congruent life, she is here to support you on your journey to empowerment and self-reclamation.

Brett Johnson

Strategic Partner

As a 35-year radio veteran turned podcast consultant, Brett leverages his years of content creation, marketing skills, and sales to provide customized consulting solutions. He works with entrepreneurs, businesses, brands, and non-profits to plan, launch, produce, and implement podcasts into their marketing strategies. He plays an essential and strategic role in the Spirit of EQ Podcast.

Part of his value can be found in:

  • Developing and implementing strategic internal (private) and external (public) audio content
  • Targeting the right audience for your content
  • Delivering your content through multi-channel marketing and content repurposing
  • Professional recording and publishing of your audio content

By working with him, his clients focus on the ‘WHY’ they are podcasting, not on the ‘HOW’ to podcast.

Sarah Russell

Strategic Administration Partner

Sarah Russell is the strategic administration partner at Spirit of EQ. She brings an energetic and optimistic vibe to the company. Sarah also possesses a strong sense of what is needed from clients and how to problem-solve complex challenges. She also works closely with our partners to craft strategy and implementation.

Sarah possesses a certification in UEQ and has her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.